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Jackson Power and Meters focus on individually tailoring power structures to not only provide for current demands, but also the capacity to grow with the business into the future.

Our Services

We are distributors for all systems and products produced by Riello uninterupted power supply (UPS) systems and CETA Metering.

Riello UPS Systems

Riello products are designed to provide complete power supply protection for sensitive and mission-critical loads, protecting them from mains disturbances and providing sufficient energy to compensate for interruptions in mains supply. 

CETA Meters

CETA has the full product portfolio that provides one of the best warranties in Australia.  CETA provides both NMI Pattern Approved meters for trade applications in addition to sub-metering for Energy Management and Energy Efficiency purposes.   CETA Australia have the products and expertise to help guide you through the complexities of new and upcoming legislation.


With over 30 years experience, we pride ourselves on being able to offer the most cost effective, practical solutions for your business.  We individually design the structures needed,  provide appropriate installation, facilitate operations and follow up with maintenance operations as required.  Our service addresses all elements of operations for your project.

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