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Jackson Power and Metering focuses on the ability to individually tailor your power structure to not only provide for current demands, but will also have the capacity to grow with you into the future.


Power infrastructure is critical to the successful operation of data centre equipment. Uninterruptable Power Supply configurations have advantages and limitations, so it’s essential to design a system with the business’s availability requirements, risk tolerance and budget capability in mind.

An experienced designer will work within the location by considering area or height, along with the effects to cost and efficiency.

Using a system designer keeps the power supply cost minimal. Experienced designers understand that minimum supply cost does not mean using low cost power supplies. Optimal power supply solutions vary with each system requirement; along with complexity and capacity utilisation of the device. Input and output voltage and output current are starting requirements, along with load and discharge times. The final design also requires consideration of sequencing, tracking, and startup conditions, as well as power dissipation, footprint and cost.

Product Considerations

When analyzing your power needs there are several factors to consider.

Designs can be from Tier 1 to Tier 4.  These design considerations will have an impact on overall UPS performance:

  • Power environment: single and three-phase
  • Installation environment
  • Load requirement
  • Availability and battery runtime. There are three basic battery runtime configurations:
    1. UPS with 10 to 15 minutes of runtime and no generator. Covered for 90 to 95 percent of power outages. Either use UPS shutdown clients to save your data or stay online as long as possible before the system crashes.
    2. UPS with 10 to 15 minutes of runtime and a generator. This is a very reliable setup and most generators will startup within one minute (five minutes maximum). Provides cover for most situations.
    3. Redundant UPS, generator and two power feeds for dual-cord servers.


Highly trained engineers provide reliable and competent technical support and efficient after-sales service after UPS Systems Installations.

Jackson Power & Meters provide maintenance from basic service to platinum maintenance. 

  • Service personnel are always available and ready to provide advice and assistance regarding UPS installation and maintenance.
  • Single phase products under warranty, swapped out when required on a breakdown.
  • On-site support service available for larger UPS, whether or not they are covered by the warranty. Fast repair guaranteed through the use of state-of-the-art UPS technology and authorised assistance centres nationwide.
  • Original, tested and up-to-date spare parts guaranteed.
  • Maintenance contracts can be provided by Jackson Power & Meters to minimise the risks and costs connected with UPS breakdowns. Options available range from periodic inspections to platinum cover including labour and materials.
Worried about power failure?  It’s time to get a power management consultant on-site.

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